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Book Editing: Professional proofreading, line editing and developmental edits.

Hey, #NaNoWriMo Writers! I’m offering a special discount on editing services! Check out my rates page and be sure to leave your NaNoWriMo handle when requesting a quote!

Writing is a balancing act. Sometimes you feel like your next big project is on the cusp of greatness and sometimes it’s more like staring into the pit of abject failure.

I offer editing and writing services for super low rates, because finances should not be a barrier to creativity. Also, I genuinely enjoy what I do!

An an editor, I work with both fiction and non-fiction: novels, short stories, memoirs, research papers, newsletters, etc. I am also available as a ghost writer for blog posts, speeches, and articles.

Please see my rates page for more information and to request a quote!


Proofreading/Copy Editing

This is the nitty gritty – the technical edits that focus on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It’s also about catching inconsistencies; let’s make sure your MC’s hair color doesn’t spontaneously change from Chapter One to Chapter Five. (Also, what are your thoughts on the Oxford Comma?)

Developmental Edits

Let’s talk “big picture” – character development, story pacing and conflict, plot holes and how to fill ’em. If your manuscript is lacking focus, let’s redirect and get things back on track.

Line Editing

Combing through sentence by sentence, ensuring that your prose is clear, fluid, and makes sense to the reader – line editing addresses style, word choice, and language use – do you have run on sentences or syntax that doesn’t make sense? Is your meaning unclear? Can this dialogue be refined?

Beta Reading

Everyone likes a little something for free, yes? I will beta read your novel and provide feedback from a reader’s perspective – at no charge to you. (Available only for manuscripts under 150k words.)

Mykki just edited my latest WIP, and I could not be more satisfied. Mykki was thorough with grammatical corrections, offered reader insight, continuity and flow, and areas that needed to be reworked. #WritingCommunity, I highly suggest sending your WIP to them for your edit.”

Robert J. Relyea

“I highly recommend folks consider working with them, they having proven themselves to me after they happily and very insightfully edited the manual for my board game (now under construction). They are courtly, reasonably priced, trustworthy, and a strong up and coming author/editor in search of work!”

Daniel H. Lessin

“Mykki willingly took on my train-wreck of a WIP and not only gave insightful, helpful edits, but also had it done in less than a week. Their work was stellar and beyond helpful. They didn’t hesitate to be harsh. However, they made sure to point out the good as well. A five star review from me and I’ll definitely use their services again in the future.”

Alex Wood

Seattle-Tacoma, Washington, USA

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